Hillsboro/Central Valley at Hatton/Northwood

Hillsboro/Central Valley at Hatton/Northwood

January 5, 2021 0


Hillsboro/Central Valley at Hatton/Northwood (Boys Basketball)  KRJB 106.5FM

Class B Region 2 matchup with the Thunder and Burros was a slow start, then it became a really exciting finish.  The Thunder had the advantage early by utilizing the shot clock, and finding the right shot to build a early lead.  Hatton/Northwood built the lead to 10 point lead late in the second quarter, thanks in part to a 8-0 run as the Burros couldn’t buy a bucket until the buzzer sounded to end the first half with the Thunder holding a 28-14 lead at the half.

Second half started with the Thunder continuing  to add to their lead.  Late in the third quarter sitting on a 20 point lead.  Then the Burros started to find their groove.  Ending the third with a 5-0 run, cutting the lead to 15.  Starting the fourth the physicality started to really amp up.  With both team in the bonus early in the fourth quarter.  Burros continued knocking on the door lead that Thunder held on too.  The Burros finally got it down to a one possession lead with 26 seconds left in the game, but timely free throw shooting of the Thunder were able to fend off the Burros, even as the Burros hit a three pointer at the buzzer looking to get a four point play trying to send it to overtime.  Thunder defeat the Burros 57-56


Box Score

Hatton/Northwood Thunder –

Colton Konschak – 23 points, 7 rebounds

Carter Myron – 17 points, 10 rebounds

Kelby Azure – 12 points, 6 rebounds

Team totals – 30 rebounds, 16/24 Free Throws, 13 Turnovers


Hillsboro/Central Valley Burros –

Gannon Limke – 19 points, 12 rebounds

Parker Gallagher – 15 points, 5 three pointers

Jackson Anderson – 11 points, 4 rebounds

Sam Preston – 6 points, 3 rebounds

Team Totals – 30 rebounds, 4/9 Free Throws, 12 Turnovers


Comments from Hillsboro/Central Valley coach Elliot Rotvold 5511B


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