Climax/Fisher at Bagley

Climax/Fisher at Bagley

February 18, 2021 0


Climax/Fisher at Bagley (GBB)  1480AM/99.7FM

Bagley, MN — The Bagley Flyers nearly and probably should have pulled out their first win of the season on Thursday night versus the Climax/Fisher Knights.

The Knights lead for most of the first half but were unable to pull away and take control of the game, letting the Flyers hang around and essentially giving them life for the second half. The Knight lead by only four after the first 18 minutes, 32-28.

Once the second half go started, it was crucial that the Flyers continued their sharp from half number one. The Knights were flat to begin the game but they were even less ready to play to start the second half allowing Hillary Maruska, Kathryn Agnew and Jory Fultz lead the Flyers to a 46-36 lead with 8 minutes to play.

The Flyers would continue to answer every effort that the Knights made to cut into the lead. But the Knights, despite an ugly start, continued to play and would tie the game at 55-55 with 12.1 seconds to play. The Flyers would then have to inbound and go the length of the court to get up a game winning shot. But Bagley had a tough time inbounding the basketball all game and this time the inbounds got heaved into the front court and picked up by Climax/Fisher.

The Knights then had it in their own offensive end for the final possession. Jenna Vasek dribbled into the corner and got double teamed and it looked like the game was going to go into overtime. But the whistle blew from the baseline official sending Vasek to the line for the double bonus with 1.9 seconds left. Vasek would make the first free throw sealing the win for Climax/Fisher and with 1.9 seconds left and no timeouts remaining for the Flyers, Vasek missed the second free throw and once the rebound was touched, time ran out and the Knights escaped with the win 56-55 win.

The Knights improve to 3-7 on the season and will play the Green Wave of East Grand Forks on Monday. The Flyers fall to 0-11 and will play the Fosston Greyhounds also on Monday.

Climax/Fisher Knights Stats
Ella Reitmeier 13 points 5 rebounds

Jenna Vasek 9 points 9 rebounds

Halle Reitmeier 9 points 4 rebounds

Bagley Flyers Stats
Hillary Maruska 18 points 14 rebounds

Kathryn Agnew 15 points 6 rebounds

Jory Fult 13 points 4 rebounds


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