Carrington at Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page

Carrington at Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page

February 5, 2021 0


Carrington at Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page (BBB)

Finley, ND — Missing sophomore forward Landon Koenig on Friday night, Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page missed out on an opportunity to advance closer to the .500 mark with a loss against Carrington at Finley-Sharon High School.

The Cardinals defeated the Spartans 62-44 despite 11 second-half turnovers by Carrington. The Spartans found 21-20 and 22-21 leads early in the second quarter, but the Cardinals rattled off a 13-1 run to lead 36-24 at halftime. Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page cut it to a 46-39 deficit in the beginning of the fourth quarter but came no closer to victory.

Koenig hurt his right ankle against Midway-Minto on Tuesday, resulting in sophomore guard Bryce Juliuson finding eight points and two rebounds in his first start of the season against the Cardinals. Senior guard Owen Zerface led his team with 16 points, 12 of them coming off 3-pointers and snagged five rebounds. Senior forward Ryan Tuite netted eight points and blocked six shots on the defensive of the court.

Carrington saw three players score double-figures: sophomore forward Hudson Schmitz with 20 points and 11 rebounds; sophomore guard Hudston top created 17 points and three rebounds; and freshman guard Grady Shipman put up 13 points and pulled down six rebounds. Schmitz also sank three treys from beyond the arc.

Finley-Sharon/Hope-Page (6-9) looks on to Region 2 rival Larimore (1-13) for a battle on Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in Larimore, North Dakota. Carrington (7-9) looks to outdo Oakes (10-4) in a Region 3, District 5 matchup on Tuesday at 7:30 in Oakes, North Dakota.