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R&J Agriculture Corner – Sheep Industry Makes Suggestions to USDA on Processing

Chase Adams is the senior policy and information director for the American Sheep Industry Association (ASI), and talks about some of the key points they asked USDA to look at when it comes to processing lamb. The full letter can be found on the sheep industry website here.

September 16, 2021 0

R&J Agriculture Corner – British White Cattle

Amy Germolus, producer in the Borup, MN area, shares her knowledge on a lesser known cattle breed, British Whites. They are an old British breed with a very interesting history. Here are some pictures of what her black tipped British White look like. Photos courtesy of Amy Germolus

September 13, 2021 0

R&J Agriculture Corner – American Angus Association

American Angus Association CEO Mark McCully talks about the positives looking ahead in the cattle market as well as programs the Angus association offers for producers and consumer confidence. Find more on what the American Angus Association is doing at their website.

September 3, 2021 0

September Minnesota Corn Growers Association Update

 EP. 23 – Congressional Rep. Cheri Bustos and the Next Generation Fuels Act: A Full Tank of Good Policy The fifth-term Congresswoman from Illinois is the recipient of the NCGA’s President’s Award.  The Next Generation Fuels Act is poised to reinforce the market for American ethanol, and it’s been introduced in Congress with bipartisan support. And in this episode…
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September 3, 2021 0

R&J Agriculture Corner – A Helpful Tool in Sheep Genetics

North Dakota State University and University of Minnesota Extension Sheep Specialist Travis Hoffman talks about estimated breeding values, or EBVs, that can help sheep producers choose animals with genetics that fit their flocks. EBVs are the sheep equivalent of EPDs in cattle. EBVs are a newer tool but production operations are already offering this data…
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August 30, 2021 0

R&J Agriculture Corner – Comparing Drought Conditions

Russell Nemetz from the Western Ag Network talks with KRJB’s Leif Bakken about the drought in the West and comparing the struggles agriculture producers have been facing this year. Takeaways from this conversation include the differences in farming practices between wheat and sugarbeets, and the search for hay.

August 24, 2021 0

R&J Agriculture Corner – August Sunflower Update

National Sunflower Association Executive Director, John Sandbakken, gives an update on sunflower pricing and the pest issues producers need to watch for here in August.

August 20, 2021 0