Starting October Loaves & Fishes Food Shelf Move Services to Drive-Thru Only

Starting October Loaves & Fishes Food Shelf Move Services to Drive-Thru Only

September 28, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Fosston, MN – Service operations at the Loaves & Fishes Food Shelf in Fosston, Minnesota are looking to change with the seasons. Throughout the summer the volunteer staff worked with individuals in need of food assistance both inside the food shelf, with a limit of 2 individuals at a time, and outside in the drive-thru line. However, as we enter the fall season and the rise in COVID-19 cases continues, those at the food shelf decided under Doctor Wes Ofstedal’s advice and the CDC national guidelines to only service people through the drive-thru. This socially distance operation will start immediately on October 1st. Sandy Johnson spoke about the change in how the food shelf functioned throughout the pandemic.

Johnson shares statistics from the beginning of the pandemic on how many people were effected by food or monetary shortages and how those working at the food shelf assisted in the rise in numbers.

Volunteers at Loaves & Fishes Food Shelf show their commitment to serving those in need by working through the fall and winter. Johnson credits these volunteers for making the operations at the food shelf run “like a well oiled machine.”

Johnson says it is hard to guess what people need when boxes are packed ahead of distribution. However, she explains the thought process behind the pre-packaged boxes. There are also certain items Johnson dubs as “luxury” that the food shelf are currently accepting through donations.

With the volunteers and donations, the Loaves & Fishes Food Shelf looks to have a promising drive-thru operation in the coming months. For more information or if there are any questions, call the food shelf at (218) 431-1558.