Bagley School District in Talks to Implement Distance Learning and Mask Requirements Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

Bagley School District in Talks to Implement Distance Learning and Mask Requirements Due to Rise in COVID-19 Cases

September 23, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ School News - KRJB/KRJM/KKCQ 0

Mary Balstad

Bagley, MN – Homecoming week is currently underway at Bagley Schools. With school spirit in the classrooms, students and staff are looking forward to the annual football homecoming game this Friday, September 24th at 7 P.M. against Polk County West. However, students may have to start celebrating school events from home instead of the classroom. Superintendent Eric Heise gave the Bagley School update on Wednesday, September 22nd, with Dawson Peterson. Heise spoke about the rising number of COVID-19 cases in Clearwater County. The 14-day case rate from the week of September 16th reported 51 new positive COVID-19 cases. However, this does not include possible cases which have not been tested, as Minnesota Department of Health concludes in its weekly COVID-19 report, “Many people with COVID-19 are not tested, so the cases in this report represent only a fraction of the total number of people in Minnesota who have had COVID-19.” Heise spoke about the specific numbers reported from Bagley schools and the recent school board meeting.

Heise voices his concerns about shutting down. Bagley does have a distance learning plan, known as ‘flex learning,’ in place in case students and staff go through the ‘reset’ period of 14 days or undergo a complete shutdown. The Bagley School Board will have a special meeting on Friday, September 24th to discuss the next steps in what to do in the face of constantly rising COVID-19 cases. Heise says he is optimistic that the school will work to combat these staff shortages due to COVID in order to keep the children in the classroom.

The CDC and Minnesota Department of Health recommends following the guidelines of wearing a mask in public gatherings, social distancing, washing yours hands after coming into contact with high-touch surfaces, sanitizing surfaces on a daily basis, and getting the vaccination if possible to protect oneself and others against COVID-19. More information and updates on COVID-19 can be found at the Minnesota Department of Health website.