Waukon Dairy Construction on Track; Structures Taking Shape

Waukon Dairy Construction on Track; Structures Taking Shape

August 31, 2021 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Waukon, MN — Progress continues to be made on the Waukon Dairy construction site southeast of Gary, MN. Motorists driving along Highway 200 approximately 5 miles east of Highway 32 can now see the massive barn and other structures starting to take shape. Lyle Grimm, Construction Manager for the parent company Riverview, says the rain slowed them down a little, but was a welcome sight in the big picture.

As of now the Waukon Dairy construction is right on schedule. Grimm says they can’t afford many delays with construction as the cows are coming next year whether they’re ready or not.

Another construction project is expected to be added onto the Waukon Dairy this coming spring. REV LNG has announced plans to construct a renewable natural gas plant in conjunction with the dairy. Grimm shares details of the plant, which will convert manure from the dairy into a usable gas.

Safety remains a top priority for the Riverview Construction team. Grimm says as of Monday, it’s been one year since any reported OSHA accident on their construction sites.