American Crystal Sugar PreHaul Underway

American Crystal Sugar PreHaul Underway

August 30, 2021 Farm News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — The American Crystal Sugar Beet Pre-haul campaign got underway last Tuesday, and it seems fitting that rain slowed it down just as it got underway.  During our Farm and Field program, we caught up with Joe Hastings, General Agronomist for American Crystal Sugar, to get an update on how this year’s crop is looking. Hastings says the dry weather has provided good sugar contest, but the recent rains will start to add tonnage.

Moisture won’t just add tonnage. Hastings says it’ll help make an all-around good beet.

Perhaps the biggest concerns for area sugar beet growers this growing season has been root-maggot, according to Hastings.

The full American Crystal Sugar Beet harvest campaign won’t get underway until later September or early October, but in the meantime Hastings say pre-haul allows their factories to get fired up and producers the opportunity to open up their fields for a speeder main campaign.

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