Summer Dairy Field Day Tour at Golden Sunrise Dairy McIntosh

Summer Dairy Field Day Tour at Golden Sunrise Dairy McIntosh

August 10, 2021 News News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Laura Hamilton (8/10/2021)

University of Minnesota Extension Dairy Team along with Minnesota Dairy Initiative are hosting Summer Dairy Field Days, touring five dairy farms across the state of Minnesota . On Thursday, August 12th they will be touring the Golden Sunrise Dairy at 31328 290th St. SE, McIntosh. Registration begins at 10:00 am, , with introduction to the family and operations at 10:30 am. A box lunch will be served at about 12:30 pm. There is no charge for this tour. Tim and Derek Rolf operate Golden Sunrise Dairy. Currenty they are milking about 165 cows with three robots with plans to increase the herd to 300 and add another robot. Educator Heather Dufault tells us about the Rolf’s dairy operation and the August 12th tour of their robotic milking system.


Along with their robotic milking system, the Rolf dairy farm features a manure cleaning robot system and a fully automated feeding system with two automated robot feed wagons .Extension Educator Heather Dufault invites you to attend the tour at the Rolf farm on Thursday, August 12th and learn more about the Rolf’s robotic dairy operation.

The Summer Dairy Field Days tour, Thursday, August 12th at Golden Sunrise Dairy, at 31328 290th St. SE, McIntosh. Tim and Kaye Rolf were honored as the 2020 Polk County UMN Extension Farm Family of the year. This year, Mathew and Patricia Erickson were the recipients of the 2021 Polk County Farm Family of the year award during a program August 5th at Farm Fest near Redwood Falls.