Hillsboro Half Cent Sales Tax Increase Takes Effect July 1st

Hillsboro Half Cent Sales Tax Increase Takes Effect July 1st

June 29, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Hillsboro, ND — An 0.5% increase to the City of Hillsboro’s Sales Tax will take effect this Thursday, July 1st. Hillsboro currently has a 2% sales tax, but last fall approved the 0.5% increase, which will benefit the Hillsboro Economic Development Commission. HEDC President Paula Suda says they won’t benefit from the increase until this fall, but it’s expected to bring in an additional $80,000 annually for business development opportunities in the city.

Items included in the HEDC Sales Tax include general sales and use tax, new farm machinery and irrigation equipment, manufactured homes, lodging, restaurants, concession stand, and food trucks, and alcoholic services. Items not taxed, according to Suda, include groceries, medical supplies, and other essential goods.

While the increase to the current sales tax, which is essentially a penny for every two dollars, may not seem like a lot, Suda says it’ll add up to a big impact that will benefit the city of Hilllsboro.

The Hillsboro Economic Development Commission also generates revenue via gaming at select establishments in the city.