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Scavenger Hunt Archives

April 29, 2021 KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI Contests 0

HUNT #1: Found at HD Auto Repair in Brainerd on 03.04.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards and 6 free oil changes at HD Auto Repair (valued at $113.94). Total prize value = $213.94!

Clue #1: aired 02.22.21, posted online 02.23.21

It’s here! Our very first scavenger hunt and our very first clue!

Home Grown Local Radio has hidden something for you!

To find the prize, you’ll have to look all around,

To the North, East, and the south, or even westbound.

To Speed things up, but without giving it away…

If you break it, don’t buy it – repair it instead, okay?

Clue #2: aired 02.25.21, posted online 02.26.21

Clue number two – you know what to do!

Get in your car, whether it’s old or new.

Drive around town until you find the spot,

There won’t be an ‘X’ to let you know if you’re cold or hot…

But you’ll know you’re getting closer

If you find yourself near your local grocer

Clue #3: aired 03.01.21, posted online 03.02.21

Third clue’s a charm, at least that’s what we hope for

If you don’t know where to look you may need to open up a door

So dust off your Brain, and find your inner Nerd,

You may be looking for a couple letters before another word

Don’t stop to get a sandwich, no matter how fast,

You’re close, but if you Speed away you’ll definitely go past.

Clue #4: aired 03.04.21

For clue number four, we’ll try to be a bit more clear

First, if you’re not in NE Brainerd, you’re nowhere near

So get some HD glasses to enhance your sight,

Look for two garages and head to the right.

Open the door and take a step inside

Look to the left and you may see something we tried to hide

HUNT #2: Found at Cub Foods in Brainerd on 03.18.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards and a $100 Gift Card to Cub Foods. Total prize value = $200.00!

Clue #1 (aired 03.08.21)

Scavenger Hunt number two is here.

At this place, baby bears are none to fear.

Stroll around for a great prize to find.

To be our winner, you must find the right kind.

So much to look at, so much to buy,

to spot what you need you must have a keen eye.

Search high and low, look near and far. If it makes you hungry, grab a candy bar

Clue #2 (aired 03.11.21)

There’s great shopping here

Whether is snow, sun, or rain.

To find our prize,

You need to use your BRAIN.

It goes great with milk

as the sun rises from the east.

A breakfast so grand

it’s fitting for a beast.

Clue #3 (aired 03.15.21)

After hibernating all winter,

a CUB must go eat.

Brand name or generic,

either way it’s a treat.

Find the right aisle,

Look real close to a bag

SCOOT out with your prize

and call us to brag

HUNT #3: Found at Brandl Chevrolet Buick GMC in Aitkin on 04.03.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards and a $100 Gift Card at Brandl Chevrolet Buick GMC in Aitkin. Total prize value = $200!

Clue #1 (aired 03.25.21)

It’s time for the third Hunt – ready or not!

You’ll be Achin’ to find this one, so give it some thought

Jump in your car – even if it’s not so new

You might find a perfect upgrade just for you

Don’t get too sidetracked by all the great Brands

You’ll have time to shop once you have that prize in your hands

Clue #2 (aired 03.29.21)

Can you believe it’s already time for the next clue?!

The dollar is on something black, red, and new

If you like to fish, you might gravitate towards this spot

But the fish won’t be biting here, at least we hope not!

It may be out of season, but it’s never too early to buy

Because summer in Minnesota is over in the blink of an eye

Clue #3 (aired 04.01.21)

The next clue is here, we’re not foolin’ around

To find the prize, you need to be Aitkin bound

If you’re looking to buy a car, you may already be there

The dollar will be outside, enjoying some fresh air

It’s been really windy lately and we don’t want it to take flight

That’s why you’ll find it taped down and just barely out of sight.

HUNT #4: Found at Cornerstone Liquor in Brainerd on 04.16.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards and $200 in Gift Cards to Cornerstone Liquor. Total prize value = $300.00!

Clue #1 (aired 04.08.21, posted online 04.09.21)

We’re on to another Hunt with this next clue

No luck before? Maybe this one’s for you!

This time the Home Grown Local Dollar won’t be found outside

But you will see many signs with prices on log siding at curbside

Just north of a downtown but south of a park

A few blocks east and you’ll find your mark

Clue #2 (aired 04.12.21, posted online 04.13.21)

First clue too hard? Give this one some thought

Drive on a presidential street and you’ll be getting hot.

It’s a long stretch of road so it could be anywhere

But you’re close when the smell of pizza hits the air

If your mouth is watering and making it hard to think

Stop in to find the prize next door and grab yourself a drink

Clue #3 (aired 04.15.21, posted online 04.16.21)

We should mention and we’re really not trying to scold

But you’ll need to sit this hunt out if you’re under 21 years old

The name may suggest it’s at a Corner when it’s not

Smack dab between 8th and 9th is our dollar’s new spot

It could be anywhere inside – our hiding skills are top shelf

But the easiest way to find it, is to take a good long look at yourself.

HUNT #5: Found at Station 371 in Pine River on 04.26.21, and at River Fitness in Pine River on 04.28.21. Prize 1 = $50 Visa Gift Card and a $50 gift card to Station 371. Total prize 1 value = $100.00! Prize 2 = $50 Visa Gift Card and a 5-class package valued at $76 to River Fitness. Total prize 2 value = $126.00! TOTAL HUNT #5 PRIZE VALUE = $226.00!

Clue #1 (aired 04.19.21)

It’s hunt #5 and we have something new

You’re not hunting for one, but looking for two

This one will have you trekking a bit north

So listen carefully before you move forth

Think of some trees and something with flow

Where did we hide them? Only we know!

Clue #2 (aired 04.22.21)

The River flows, and the trees are Pine

To find the prizes you need to peek behind

A friendly face at all times of day

He doesn’t have too much to say

The other to claim, downtown you must zoom

And find it near some beautiful blooms

Clue #3 (aired 04.26.21)

To find one of the two dollars we hid it may help to think of a time

When someone would fill up your car at the sound of a chime

And drive to a Station that greets you with a familiar face

And for the 2nd dollar, you’ll want to hurry even if it’s not a race

Hidden just a few blocks away, this place will make you sweat

Don’t forget to stop and smell the flowers if you haven’t found it yet!

HUNT #6: Found in the bell outside of the Pequot Lakes Historical Society in Pequot Lakes on 05.07.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards, $50 gift card to Joe’s Pizza, a Joe’s Pizza t-shirt ($10 value), and a Pelican cooler from Thurlow Hardware ($150 value). Total prize value = $310.00!

Clue #1 (aired 05.03.21)

It’s Hunt number six and here’s what you do

Head to a town decked in Red, White and Blue

What comes next is where you go

Be on the lookout for Low and a Joe

With clue number one, we can’t make it clear

But win this prize and you’ll surely cheer

HUNT #7: Found in Tyke’s Carpet Castle in Brainerd on 05.13.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards, and a 6×9 rug from Tyke’s Carpet Castle ($250 value). Total prize value = $350.00!

Clue #1 (aired 05.10.21)

Another hunt begins, hip hip hooray

We’ll send you to a place near a busy highway

Asking which road would not be a crime

Find a couple numbers set in their prime

Northbound you’ll face with the place on your right

More in clue two, as our lips are quite tight

Clue #2 (aired 05.12.21)

It’s time for clue two, we know you want more

A place full of items for your new floor

Samples galore! Carpet and such

Lots to look at and lots to touch

We all know it’s good to be King

You’ll feel royal when you find our thing

HUNT #8: Found in Elmer Park of Deerwood on 05.30.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards, and a $50 Visa Gift Card provided by Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, and a $50 Visa Gift Card provided by Riverwood Healthcare of Aitkin. Total prize value = $200.00!

Clue #1 (aired 05.17.21)

The eighth hunt is on and we’ve got the first clue

As always, the location, hints, and prizes with each hunt are new

We’re not going to make this one easy – let’s keep a bit of mystery

You’ll be on the right track if you know your local history

Our dollar is in a town that was known by a different name

So you might need to do some research to win big at this game

Clue #2 (aired 05.20.21)

Our last clue had a bit of history, but this second clue will not

In fact, get out your maps, your geography skills are on the spot

Near the eastern edge of Crow Wing County there are plenty of lakes around

But one in particular shares a name with a prominent Nevada town

Just to the north, on the other side of the tracks, start your search

Nearby, you’ll find the town’s namesake, trying to leap from his perch

Clue #3 (aired 05.24.21)

Oh dear, would you look at this here?

Hunt eight is still on, so we’ll make this clue clear

Within Cuyuna Country there is park that is pretty puny

That shares its name with glue and a toon who’s quite looney

If you look somewhere in this general area you’ll find

A reminder to pick up after yourselves and to the earth, be kind

Clue #4 (aired 05.27.21)

The fourth clue has come and it couldn’t be better

Find yourself some shelter when the weather is wetter

Nearby you’ll see the biggest deer around

If you’re looking for a sign, the prize will surely be found

If a sign is what you need, look close behind

Because the dollar will soon be gone with that in mind

HUNT #9: Found in It’s A Wing Ding Thing of Pequot Lakes on 06.10.21. Prize = $100 in Visa Gift Cards, and a certificate for a free wine making experience at It’s A Wing Ding Thing ($175 value), and a $50 Visa Gift Card provided by Lambert Water Wells of Emily. Total prize value = $325.00!

Clue #1 (aired 05.31.21)

Hunt Number nine is under way now

Our clues are so clever, we should take a bow

It’s a time of year when the fishing is hot

A key piece of gear hints at the spot

The exact location we cannot yet tell

We wish all you scavenger hunters well

Clue #2 (aired 06.03.21)

With warm weather you may need a drink.

Water, beer, or WINE? What do you think?

When you’re dry right to the bone

Grab a bottle, or make your own

We love the LAKES, we cannot lie

This water well is not yet dry

Clue #3 (aired 06.07.21)

An old English term for a boxer is “Nobber”

Lambert told me to Watch my own Bobber

Bring the kids along, they can play in the park

Close to the prize, but don’t enter if it’s dark

When the idea hits you, you might hear a DING

I suggest going by car, it’s tough to get there by WING

Clue #4 (aired 06.10.21)

Take a trip to the town where the Patriots thrive

Our prize is hidden on Government Drive

Browse through the store and see the neat gifts

Wine-making supplies and the wine making kits!

Book a time to make drinks for your self

All the best stuff, they call it “Top Shelf”

HUNT #10: Found in the FitQuest Building in Baxter on 06.28.21. Prize = $500 in Visa Gift Cards, a $25 Punch Card and two free admission tickets to UpNorth Indoor Bounce House ($42 value), APS and 1 hour coaching from Personal Growth Discovery ($95 value), a gift basket from SpaQuest ($65 value), a barnwood tray, assorted lotions and soaps, and $25 gift card to Salvage Sisters ($60 Value), a 1-month free membership to FitQuest Athletic Club plus a t-shirt and koozies ($100 value) Total prize value = $862.00!

Clue #1 (aired 06.14.21)

This is it! The end is near!

The first clue of the last Hunt is finally here

All good things must stop eventually

This last dollar is in a one-stop-shop, essentially

On your way up north, find our biggest prize ever

We won’t make this easy, so you’ll have to be clever

Clue #2 (aired 06.17.21)

We bring you clue number 2 as we near the end

On this epic Quest, we will send

A winner among all who hunt for the prize

As they search high and low, but not with their eyes

Hop along, why don’t you let out some steam

Remember things aren’t always as they may seem

Clue #3 (aired 06.21.21)

Baxter bound for the fourth clue this round

To a place where many different things can be found

Not only a dollar hidden safe and sound

But a place to Fit in if you might want to lose a pound

Or perhaps a giant indoor air-filled playground

There’s certainly more, check out this common ground!

Clue #4 (aired 06.24.21)

Ready or not, here’s clue four

To find the dollar go through the door

Stop to see some Sisters that have a deal or two

Maybe get a relaxing massage to feel brand new

Wherever you end up, the dollar will be found

If you have your eyes pointed closer to the ground

Clue #5 (aired 06.28.21)

Clue number five is ready to go

If you’re Fit for this Quest, then you already know

But perhaps one thing that could help you out

Is to look for something decorative throughout

There may be more than one of this around

You’ll have to check each one closely until the dollar is found