Ada-Borup December Students of the Month

Ada-Borup December Students of the Month

December 7, 2020 School News - KRJB/KRJM/KKCQ 0
Picture from left to right: Nellie Todd holding a picture of Cadyn Dahl, Ava Larson holding a picture of Ryan Engel, Charlie Scholl holding a picture of Kylie Moothart and Alexis Jalbert. 

December Students of the Month

The following students were nominated by the staff for SOTM based on three criteria: 

1)      Student displays behaviors such as respect for others, high levels of motivation, and encouragement to peers. 

2)      Student is an example of a positive role model/mentor to other students. 

3)      Student is in good standing and gives superior effort toward academic work.

**Students of the Month will receive a pass to go to the front of their lunch line for the month, recognition in the display case, his/her picture in the newspaper, and the proud feeling that they are good students! 

** Student descriptions are excerpts compiled from teachers’ statements about the positive attributes of our Students of the Month. 

Students of the Month 

6th- Nellie Todd- Nellie is a quiet force in her grade. She always has her work completed, sits waiting and ready for directions and lessons, and shows an eagerness to learn. She is one of the best role models for the 6th grade!  Nellie has a positive attitude and works hard in class. 

7th- Ava Larson- Ava works very hard every band rehearsal and is a fine example for others. She participates in class…raises her hand, offers an answer, shares an idea, and is definitely not afraid to get involved! 

8th- Cadyn Dahl- Cadyn might be quiet, but his actions speak for him.  He is always on time, always prepared, and always participates. Cadyn is a man of few words, but is a great leader by showing up to class ready to learn, having his work completed well, and doing so with a steady, positive attitude. 

9th- Charlie Scholl- Charlie is very personable, thoughtful,  and is willing to lend a helping hand. Charlie’s combination of smarts and humor always make for a fun and interesting class.He is a good example for others to follow. 

10th- Ryan Engel- Ryan is another quiet student whose actions speak for him.  His work ethic.  His willingness to serve.  These speak for him greater than words.  He is a hard worker who is always engaged and participating in class regardless of whether he is online or in the classroom. He is top-notch! 

11th- Alexis Jalbert- Lexi is a super kid to have in the building! She always seems to be in a great mood and if we didn’t have masks on every day you would see that smile every time you talk to her! Her positive attitude is infectious, and she’s great at bringing the best out in others. 

12th- Kylie Moothart- Kylie is a solid student, meaning that every day she comes to class on time, ready to play, and ready to take on any challenges before her.  She adds so much to our band program. Kylie is kind to her classmates and is willing to help out.

Thanks for being great leaders for our school and keep up the good work!