Barrick Family Farms Swine Facility CUP Approved

Barrick Family Farms Swine Facility CUP Approved

October 20, 2020 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By Mark Askelson (10/20/20)

Ada, MN — Last Thursday, the Norman County Commissioners approved the Conditional Use Permit for the Barrick Family Farms Swine Genetic Breeding Facility, giving them the green light to begin construction on the nearly $20 million facility north of Ada, MN in the Lockhart township. The company has not wasted any time either as construction crews are already moving equipment on to the property and will likely break ground this week. The project will include two barns, a 120,000 square ft gestation barn and a 67,000 square foot farrowing barn, that will accommodate more than 16,000 hogs. Barrick Family Farms and Protein Sources LLP, who manages the facilities, began the process of constructing a swine facility in Norman County more than six years ago. Paul Fitzsimmons of Protein Sources LLP, says he’s relieved and excited to finally begin construction.

While swine facilities dominate the agricultural region in southern and west central Minnesota, they are few and far between in northwestern Minnesota, which is what Fitzsimmons says is actually one of the reasons they were attracted to Norman County in the first place.

The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency has also signed off on the project, noting that the Barrick Family Farms swine facility “does not have the potential for significant environmental effects.” It will, however, have a significant effect on the local economy. Fitzsimmons says they plan to use local contractors and bring several good paying jobs into the community.  

One of the barns is expected to be completed and operational around Spring of 2021 and the second barn is expected to completed and operational around August of 2021.  The CUP was approved unanimously by the Norman County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.