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Now is the Time to Get Your Snowmobile Certification

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (1/15/21) Polk County, MN — Although Minnesota endures some harsh winters with blistering winds and sometimes massive amounts of snow. There are still plenty of activities Minnesotans love to do outside in the winter. One of those activities, is snowmobiling. This winter has been a little different when it comes to…
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January 15, 2021 0

Be Aware of Counterfeit Money and Continued Scammers This Time of Year

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (1/13/21) Fosston, MN — According to the United States Department of Treasury, an estimated $70 Million in counterfeit bills are in circulation. Counterfeit money can pop up virtually anywhere with the constant exchange of bills every day. Most recently, at Ultima Bank in Fosston, they came across a counterfeit $20 Bill.…
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January 13, 2021 0

A Recap of a Challenging Year on Minnesota Roads in 2020

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (1/8/21) Polk County, MN — 2020 was an unfortunate year. A year that many people are happy to say goodbye to and forget about completely. While forgetting about 2020 is likely a good thing, there are some events that we need to remember so we can improve in the future. One…
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January 8, 2021 0

Holiday Fire Safety With Polk County Sheriff Jim Tadman

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (12/3/20) Polk County, MN — The holiday season is always a special time of year that is meant for family gatherings, laughter and cheer, and of course your holiday decorations. However, the holiday season is also a more pertinent time of year when fires can break out for several different reasons.…
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December 3, 2020 0

Winter Driving Safety With the Polk County Sheriff’s Department

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (11/16/20) Polk County, MN — We have begun to see some snowfall in our area which means that road conditions are going to worsen and at some point, the snowfall and road conditions will cause closures and unfortunately some car accidents. The good news is Chief Polk County Deputy Mike Norland…
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November 16, 2020 0