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Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Club Brings Back Annual Men’s Stag this Friday

Perley, MN — The Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Club Annual Men’s Stag returns this Friday night, February 11th after a one-year hiatus. Last year’s event was cancelled due to the pandemic. Wayne Lee of the Red River Valley Sportsmen’s Club says everything is the same as before, just a week later than usual. The Men’s…
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February 9, 2022 0

Perley Co-op Manager celebrates 40 years at the Co-op

Perley, MN – It was a special day for the Manager of Perley Communty Co-op on Tuesday June 15th. Craig Renfrew, a Borup Minnesota native and resident of Ada, celebrated his 40th anniversary of work at the Co-op. Getting his first job at the Co-op in Perley changing tires, Craig has seen his position change…
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June 16, 2021 0

Perley is Next for Highway 75 Road Raises, but When?

Perley, MN — The Highway 75 road raises and flood protection projects around the Halstad and Hendrum communities have been wrapped up and FEMA certified, meaning residents of those communities will no longer require flood insurance. However, now the question is when will the city of Perley get the same treatment? Well it could be…
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April 21, 2021 0

FEMA Letter of Map Revisions to Be Complete for Halstad/Hendrum in Next Couple Months

Halstad, MN — Within the next couple of months, the cities of Halstad and Hendrum should officially be out of the 100 year floodplain. Road raises and levee work have been completed over the past couple of years and are now awaiting FEMA to officially sign off on the Letter of Map Revisions. The 90-day…
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January 27, 2021 0