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Representative Marquart Comments of House Budget Proposal

St. Paul, MN — The Minnesota House of Representatives, Senate, and Governor Walz have now all released their proposed budget targets for the next biennium, and each is a little different. District 4B Representative Paul Marquart reviewed some of the provisions of the House proposal, which tallies up to about $52.5 billion, during his visit…
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April 2, 2021 0

Representative Marquart Introduces Bill to Create Local Property Tax Transparency & Accountability

St. Paul, MN — District 4B Representative Paul Marquart had a hearing this week on a bill he believes will create increased accountability and transparency to local taxpayers. House File 0496 would establish a Minnesota Property Taxpayer’s Day, require additional budget information to be sent with proposed property tax statements, and create a citizen’s property…
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February 12, 2021 0

Governor Walz Unveils Budget Proposal

St. Paul, MN — Minnesota Governor Tim Walz released his plans for how the state can recover from COVID-19 through his budget proposal for the next biennium. The Governor says his budget proposal would support working families, ensure students catch up on learning, and helps small businesses stay afloat while driving economic recovery. Under his…
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January 27, 2021 0

Senator Eken Supports Walz’s Plan for Elimination of Emergency Powers

St. Paul, MN — Governor Tim Walz showed the first sign since the beginning of the pandemic that he may be interested in giving up his emergency executive powers. Walz indicated that he would give up his powers if a number of COVID-19 measures were put into place. Those include a statewide mask mandate, flexibility…
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January 11, 2021 0

MN Legislature Providing Relief for Businesses Impacted by Restrictions

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (12/22/20) St. Paul, MN — While the bar and restaurant industry in the state of Minnesota will remain locked down until at least mid-January, the good news is that help is on the way courtesy of the Minnesota State Legislature. Last week Governor Walz signed a relief bill that will provide…
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December 22, 2020 0
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Aitkin County Board hears public comments on ATV Ordinance, guides next funding for CARES money, speaks with Legislators at November 10th meeting

By Paul Vold kkinradio@embarqmail.com (11/11/20) (Aitkin, MN) — The Aitkin County Board of Commissioners held their first meeting in the month of November on Tuesday to converse with Legislators on their Policies and continue discussion on CARES Funds. The Board approved transfers of Food to the Aitkin County Jail and a Tractor to MNBID from…
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November 11, 2020 0

MN Legislature Approves Tax Relief for Small Businesses and Farmers

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (10/23/20) St. Paul, MN — Along with a nearly $2 billion dollar bonding bill, the Minnesota Legislature was also able to pass a tax relief bill during their special session last week. Included in that bill is a tax break that will specifically benefit farmers and small business owners by allowing…
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October 23, 2020 0

Legislature Approves Bonding Bill in 5th Special Session

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (10/19/20) St. Paul, MN — It took five special sessions, but last week the Minnesota State Legislature was finally able to pass a bonding bill with bipartisan support. The bill, which totals over $1.9 billion, will be used to pay for hundreds infrastructure improvement projects around the state including roads and…
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October 19, 2020 0

5th Special Session underway

By Paul Vold kkinradio@embarqmail.com (10/13/20) (St. Paul, MN) — Governor Tim Walz called State Legislators back to the Capitol on Monday for a 5th Special Session to extend his COVID-19 emergency powers. Speaker Melissa Hortman says it’s important to uphold the Governor’s peacetime emergency. Speaker Hortman says the House will consider a jobs and local…
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October 13, 2020 0