Win-E-Mac vs Fertile-Beltrami

Win-E-Mac vs Fertile-Beltrami

May 10, 2022 0


Win E Mac Patriots: 5 runs, 3 hits, 3 errors, 11 LOB
Fertile-Beltrami Falcons: 4 runs, 8 hits, 0 errors, 6 LOB

Fertile, MN — The Win E Mac Patriots were able to take advantage of early walks and baserunners in the 5-4 victory over the Fertile-Beltrami Falcons on Tuesday night in Fertile.

Tysen Stuhaug was on the mound for the Falcons to start Tuesday’s contest, and although he struck out seven batters in his five innings of work, he also walked eight, including the first four Patriot batters of the game. The Patriots were able to take advantage of Stuhaug’s lack of control and were able to plate three early runs in the first inning. The Falcons immediately responded in the bottom half with two more runs of their own.

The game would only see four more runs come in between the two teams as Win E Mac’s Braylon Hamre had great control of pitches only walking one and let the Falcons put the ball in play but the Patriot defense didn’t back down from making plays in the field. In the end, it was the Falcons lack of pitching control that proved costly. Three straight Patriot batters were walked in the top of the seventh inning to load the bases and the eventual winning run, was Wyatt Davis scoring on a passed ball. The Patriots pitching was on point in the biggest spots on Tuesday, facing the minimum in the sixth and seventh innings.

Win E Mac Patriots Stats


Braylon Hamre: 6 IP 4 runs 8 hits 4 K’s BB
Bergan Howard: IP K


Cameron Bergman : 0-3 R BB
Braylon Hamre: 2-3 R BB
Bergan Howard: 0-4 RBI R 2 BB
Anton Hickman: 1-3 RBI
Jadon Kangas: 0-4
Wyatt Davis: 0-2 RBI R BB
Christian Gunderson: 0-3
Brayden Sander: 0-0 4 BB
Hank Earls: 0-2 R

Fertile-Beltrami Falcons Stats


Tysen Stuhaug: 5 IP 4 runs 2 hits 7 K’s 8 BB’s
Everett Balstad: 2 IP R 1 hit 4 BB’s


Bryer Strem 1-4
Kadyn Olson: 0-4 R
Easton Petry: 1-2 RBI 2 R BB
Everett Balstad: 0-4 RBI R
Tysen Stuhaug: 3-3 RBI
Preston Hanson: 0-2
Micah Herbel: 1-3
Austin Bjerk: 0-3
Drew Rasch: 1-3
Kolby Hemish: 1-1 RBI