Ada-Borup-West @ NCE/U-H

Ada-Borup-West @ NCE/U-H

May 6, 2022 0


Softball – Ada-Borup-West Cougars @ NCE/U-H Titans – 106.5 FM KRJB

The Titans set the tone by jumping out to a 3-0 lead after the first inning, and held the Cougars without a hit in the first three innings, leading to a 9-2 victory on Friday afternoon.  It was the fifth game of the week for Ada Borup West, who dropped to 2-5 on the season with the loss, while the Titans move to 6-5 after playing their sixth game of the week, and having three additional games scheduled during the Barnesville tournament on Saturday.

NCE-UH 9 runs 10 hits 0 errors 3 runners left on base
Ada Borup West 2 runs 6 hits 4 errors 5 runners left on base

WP – Adi Klemetson 7 innings (CG) 2 runs allowed 5 K’s 2 BB’s
LP – Ariel Johnson 3 innings (left after taking a line drive off the leg on the 4th) 7 runs allowed

Regan Oberg 2-4, Adi Klemetson 3-4 3 runs, Izzy Klemetson 2-3 3 runs, Annabelle Begg 2-4 3RBI, Gabby Askelson 1-4 RBI, Payton Hasbel 1-4 2RBI

Ada Borup West
Grace Kroshus 1-3 RBI, Brooke Scherfenberg 1-2 Run, Matti Stene 1-3 Run


comments from ABW coach Amy Johnson

comments from NCE-UH coach Steve Radniecki



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