Clearwater County 4-H Outdoor Activities Set To Start For The Spring

By: Dawson Peterson dawsonrjradio@arvig.net (2/26/20)

Clearwater County, MN -- Warmer weather has been in the forecast lately and with the snow melting that is good news for outdoor activities especially for programs such as 4-H. 4-H is a program specifically for young people who get the opportunity to choose a project that sparks their interest and are able to explore more with their peers and caring adults. The Clearwater County 4-H organization and Kayla Nygaard from the Clearwater County Extension Office says 4-H is already off and running specifically with their outdoor activities


Another activity that will be getting started early in March is the shooting sports group.


If you would like more information about 4-H and possibly get started in all of the activities in Clearwater County, the best way to do so would be to call the Clearwater County Extension Office at 218-694-6151.