Caucus Day 2020

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (2/25/20)

Ada, MN -- Today is caucus day in the state of Minnesota. It’s a day to connect with other members of your political party, to learn how to get active in the 2020 election, and help shape your party platform. Unlike some other state caucuses, you won’t have the chance to pick who your precinct supports for a presidential candidate, but you will have the opportunity to endorse your local candidates and get involved with politics at a grassroots level, according to Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin.

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Martin says one of the great things about caucuses is that it gets people out from behind their keyboards and smart phones, and it get them mingling face-to-face with other party members about issues important to them and their community.

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Although it varies from precinct to precinct, Martin notes that most caucuses and pretty informal and people shouldn’t be intimidated by them if they haven’t been to one before.

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All the Minnesota Precinct Causes will be held at 7pm tonight. For locations, visit your political party websites, www.mngop.com or www.dfl.org.