Levy Repair, Baseline Lease, and Park Street Improvements Highlight Ada City Council Meeting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (7/11/18)

Ada, MN -- The Ada City Council held their regular monthly meeting on Tuesday night at Ada City Hall. The meeting opened up with a report from Moore Engineering that the levy on the north side of town had developed a large hole and needed some repair. Ada Mayor Todd Sawrey says it’s a really unfortunate situation, but they’ll have to fix it nonetheless.

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The cost of the repairs could be as much as $24,000.

On the subject of repairs, the Ada City Council discussed their lease terms with the Baseline Sports Bar. The city gave the Baseline some of its used equipment, including an ice machine and an AutoFry which both broke down this weekend. Sawrey says since they technically owned the property, they discussed who is responsible for the repairs.

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And for the last several years, the Ada City Council has been trying to find funding to pave the road and add infrastructure to Park Street and parts of the North Industrial Park. Mayor Sawrey says they might be able to make the water and sewer updates, but paving still might take a little longer.         

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The Ada City Council also approved selling a lot and a half of the Rage Addition to Mark Klevgaard, reviewed their audit with Brady Martz and Associates, and approved election judges and their wages.

Ada Mayor Todd Sawrey and Councilmember Tom Opheim will further recap this week’s meeting on the KRJB Kaleidoscope Program this Friday at 9am.