Twin Valley City Council Recap from May 14th Meeting

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (5/15/18)

Twin Valley, MN -- It was a lengthy regular city council meeting for the city of Twin Valley on Monday night.  The first item addressed by the council was the annual audit report with Crystal Philipp of Hoffman, Philipp, and Knutson. This year’s audit showed that the city remained to be in a pretty healthy condition financially. Along with that, the municipal liquor continues to show excellent profits compared to other similar operations in the region, according to Twin Valley Mayor Ben Fall.

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The Twin Valley City Council also discussed health care options for city employees and has found themselves in a bit of a conundrum with which policy to choose. Mayor Fall says the plans effect certain employees in different ways, so they’re going to meet with them later this week to find a solution.

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The council also approved an update to their policy on minors in the Twin Valley Liquor Store. Fall says this new policy more clearly defines who is and isn’t allowed in the building during certain times.

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And the council also bumped up their incentive for residents who wish to tear down dilapidated or abandon buildings on property they own. Falls says they will pay up to $1000, which helps ease the burden off of tax payers if the city has to do it themselves.

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The council also approved the resignation of Tim Boe from the EDA/Parks committee. If any community members are interested in that position, they should contact Twin Valley City Hall.