November is Diabetes Awareness Month

By Mark Askelson (11/13/17)

Ada, MN -- November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and Kristy Rott from Norman-Mahnomen Public Health recently joined the KRJB Kaleidoscope Program to talk about the different types of Diabetes and what causes it. Diabetes is a disease that affects how the body uses food for energy. Type 1 Diabetes is auto-immune, which means that you are born with it, according to Rott.

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Rott says Type 2 Diabetes occurs most often in older adults and is the result of a poor diet.

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Fortunately for those with Type 2 Diabetes, the effects of the disease can be reversed by with diet and exercise. The 3rd type of diabetes is called Gestational Diabetes. Rott says its only occurs in pregnant women and is typically only temporary.

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Diabetes symptoms may include increased thirst and hunger, blurry vision, tingling, pain, or numbness in their hands or feet, urinating often, and extreme fatigue. Women with Gestational Diabetes often have no symptoms.