Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation Creating Unique Opportunities for Returning Veterans

By Mark Askelson (11/10/17)

Lake Park, MN -- This Saturday we showed our appreciation to all of those who currently serve or have served in our armed forces. But just showing our appreciation sometimes isn’t enough as many are still fighting battles long after they left the war. The Brady Oberg Foundation has been working to combat PTSD and provide unique opportunities for Veterans to share their experiences with others, according to Tracy Dunham of the foundation.

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Dunham adds that it’s important for families and friends of veterans to know that when they come home from war, it can be very difficult for them to transition.

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Dunham also talks about a new program that they’re offering aimed at increasing physical fitness for returning military members.

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Tracy Dunham is the sister of Brady Oberg, who took his life after a struggle with PTSD. For more information about the Brady Oberg Legacy Foundation, visit their website: www.bradyoberglegacyfoundation.org