Republican Race for District 7 Highlights Primary Election

By Mark Askelson markkrjb@loretel.net (8/11/20)

Ada, MN -- Today is Primary Day in the state of Minnesota and one of the most contested races on the ballot will be the race to see to who gets to try to dethrone Democratic incumbent Collin Peterson for the District 7 Congress seat. The three Republicans in the ring include 2016 and 2018 challenger Dave Hughes, Dr. Noel Collis, and former President of the State Senate and Lieutenant Governor Michelle Fischbach. Fischbach made a stop in Ada last Friday for a meet and greet on the campaign trail. Despite the pandemic, Fischbach believes Minnesota will continue its tradition of having a good voter turnout, even if there are more people voting by mail.

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Campaigning this year has been a bit different, however. Fischbach notes that up until recently there was much more phone dialing than door knocking.

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Fischbach looks to be a strong contender in the race as well, noting that having the endorsement of President Trump should give her a big boost. In the 2018 election, District 7 voted overwhelmingly in favor of the current President.  

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Despite District 7 having a long history of voting for Republicans in the Presidential race, the District 7 seat has been held by Democrat Collin Peterson since 1991.