ISD361 Superintendent warns families of possible inappropriate video.

ISD361 Superintendent warns families of possible inappropriate video.

April 12, 2022 --- School News - KSDM/KGHS News -- KSDM-KGHS 0

Dear Families,

Over the past several days, we have become aware of possibly inappropriate videos being available to children online. 

The videos reportedly feature a teddy bear-like creature with sharp teeth called “Huggy Wuggy,” who sings songs with violent lyrics. While there has been no documented evidence of these videos actually appearing on these platforms, the potential for children to experience this type of content has led to understandable concern for many families in our community and across the country.

As a school district, we have not had any reports from our students or families of seeing Huggy Wuggy in any videos watched online. However, we want to remind our families to remain vigilant regarding the types of content to which children have access. Please continue to check in with them and ask if they have seen anything online that has troubled them.

If children experience any inappropriate content and need some extra assistance, they are encouraged to speak with a guidance counselor, social worker, or a trusted adult at any time. 

Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, principal, or myself if you have any questions.


Kevin Grover

ISD 361 Superintendent