Fosston School District Sees Student Leaders Take Charge at the End of the Year; Update to COVID-19 Quarantine Procedure

Fosston School District Sees Student Leaders Take Charge at the End of the Year; Update to COVID-19 Quarantine Procedure

December 20, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ School News - KRJB/KRJM/KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Fosston, MN – The Fosston 601 School District is preparing for the new year by celebrating the achievements its student body has garnered in 2021. In December alone, the student leaders in both the elementary and high school have managed to raise money and supplies for those in need this holiday season. They also raised school spirit by keeping traditional events, like the annual toothpick bridge-breaking contest with the physics students, alive. Superintendent Sue Chase highlights the many community and school opportunities the elementary students are becoming involved in. The information was also shared at the monthly school board meeting, which was held on Tuesday, December 14th.

In the high school the students are also showcasing their support for the school and local community. The members of student council have hosted a few fundraisers and are planning more. In cooperation with the FFA, the student council members will be selling cookies during lunchtime with hot cocoa from the FFA. Chase spoke about what the teachers and staff at Fosston Schools are also preparing for the upcoming year.

Along with the students’ efforts, community organizations have also shown their support. The Knight Rider’s Snowmobile club donated $1,000 to the FFA program. The Columbia Township Ag Scholarship Fund also donated to the program. Families will also be receiving information on the biennial Minnesota Student Survey.

Chase also gave an update regarding the COVID-19 quarantine policy in the Fosston School District. This update included changes to the procedure under advice from the COVID Response Team and public health entities.

The school board also held a special meeting for the Truth in Taxation hearing. The main reason of the hearing is for the public to understand information about the school’s levy. Chase reports that the levy is slightly decreasing, causing an increase in property taxes. School taxes have decreased slightly less than 1%. The operating levy was also discussed.

The levy was approved at the Truth in Taxation hearing on Thursday, December 16th. Chase says there will be more conversations with the community to keep going with the strategic plans implemented in the Fosston School District.