MDHA Talks Continuing & Evolving Traditions of Deer Hunting

MDHA Talks Continuing & Evolving Traditions of Deer Hunting

November 1, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ R & J Outdoors Show 0

Minnesota — As we approach the opening weekend of the Minnesota Firearms Deer season, we caught up with Craig Engwall, the Executive Director of the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association, to chat about the long-standing tradition of deer hunting in the state and how its evolving. Engwall says many of the deer hunting traditions vary across the state. While some hunt their back forty, others travel hundreds of miles to seasonal cabins, or some even still set up remote campsites along the side of the road.

But traditions also change and evolve. Engwall notes that they are seeing resurgence of youth hunters and more female hunters than ever before. He also notes that interest in archery continues to grow as well.

Everyone has their own personal traditions as well when it comes to the deer hunting weekend. For Engwall, whose deer camp like many others is slowly shrinking, he enjoys the peace and quiet of sitting in the stand and seeing younger and beginning hunters get that first deer.

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is a nonprofit organization with a mission of building Minnesota’s hunting and conservation legacy through education, habitat, and advocacy. Listen for more with Craig Engwall later this week or R & J News and during this week’s R & J Outdoors Show.