Minnesota Waterfowl Populations Remain Healthy and Diverse

Minnesota Waterfowl Populations Remain Healthy and Diverse

September 30, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ R & J Outdoors Show 0

Minnesota — With the Minnesota waterfowl season getting underway this past weekend, we caught up with Minnesota DNR Waterfowl Biologists Steve Courts to get an update on waterfowl populations and habitat during this week’s R & J Outdoor Show. Despite it being a dryer year, Courts says locally it was a good year for duck production.

Along with offering lots of habitat, Courts says the land of 10,000 lakes sets itself apart from other states with its wide variety of waterfowl species to hunt.

Courts adds there are a couple of other unique species that are starting to thrive in Minnesota, although they may not be open for hunting to all just yet.

And offering some advice to waterfowl hunters this year, Courts says because water levels are low in most parts of the state, he recommends scouting for places to hunt instead of birds to hunt.

Listen to the full interview with MN DNR Waterfowl Biologist Steve Courts during this weekend’s R & J Outdoor show or visit our website, rjbroadcasting.com.