FSA Report Covers Deadlines for Upcoming Haying Season

FSA Report Covers Deadlines for Upcoming Haying Season

September 16, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad marybalstad@rjbroadcasting.com

Minnesota – Nathan Peterson gave the weekly FSA update on Thursday, September 16th. The first topic Peterson discussed was the deadline for reporting fall seeded crops. November 15th, 2021 is the deadline for growers. Peterson encourages producers to stay in contact with their local FSA office to stay updated on all information about completing acreage reports. Along with completing the acreage report deadline for this fall, Peterson also spoke about the haying and emergency haying program.

Livestock owners should keep up to date with the Livestock Forage Program (LFP). The drought conditions over the summer created challenging conditions for many livestock producers. But, the LFP allows for reimbursement to those livestock owners who qualify for the program. Peterson does explain the benefits of the LFP.

FSA offices are still working under COVID protocol. Call the local FSA office to set up an appointment to discuss any programs such as the Livestock Forage Program. More information and updates can be found at www.farmers.gov.