Assistance Provided to Veterans and Dependents Through Service Office

Assistance Provided to Veterans and Dependents Through Service Office

September 2, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

By: Mary Balstad

Polk County, MN – Polk County Veterans Service Officer Kurt Ellefson was on ‘Food for Thought’ Wednesday, September 1st to speak about the Veterans Service Office (VSO) and the assistance they provide. The mission is to give guidance and assistance to veterans and their families. The VSO accomplishes this through providing not only access to federal and state benefit programs, but also compassion, trust, respect, and communication to those who have served the United States. Ellefson spoke about the kinds of programs the VSO provides to veterans.

Along with enabling access to healthcare, the VSO helps with other benefits such as rent, chemical dependency treatment, disability compensation, and education benefits. Most of the time it is healthcare concerns that the VSO assists in understanding.

It is not only the veteran who benefits through the organization, but also family members. Ellefson explains the benefits family members gain access to with the VSO.

Ellefson encourages veterans to get in contact with and see their service officer. Many benefits can be overlooked by veterans who do not keep in contact with the VSO simply because they are not aware of these life-changing opportunities. More information on the Polk County Veterans Service Office can be found at