Brainerd Athletics Makes Final Push to Raise Funds for Weight Room

Brainerd Athletics Makes Final Push to Raise Funds for Weight Room

July 30, 2021 ---School News - KKIN/KFGI/KLKS/WWWI News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

(BRAINERD, MN) — Construction has brought plenty of changes, aesthetically and logistically, to Brainerd High School in recent years, and now the activities department is getting in on the action. Jason Freed, the head football coach at the high school, was among the group of people that took the stance to begin prioritizing the school’s weight room, and kick-started a fundraiser to renovate the space. We spoke with Freed about the proposed changes, how the fundraising process has been going, and what the school is looking for as it nears the stretch run.

Freed began by discussing the current state of the weight room, which is about 30 years old and possesses equipment that is similarly aged, and the changes that are on the horizon.

He moved on to the fundraising process and how it has been going, and why people have been excited to contribute money to the cause.

Freed mentioned that it is important to give the donors recognition for their help, so a system is in place to honor and thank those who contribute.

As for how much money they are looking to raise for this project, where exactly it will go, and the timeline for the rest of the fundraiser…

Freed wrapped up by providing any prospective donors with relevant contact information and where to go to learn more.

Freed can be reached here, and the webpage for the Brainerd Sports Boosters’ Warrior Strength Center can be found here. We thank Jason Freed for his time, and our full conversation with him may be found below.