City of Halstad to Take Ownership of School

City of Halstad to Take Ownership of School

June 17, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ 0

Halstad, MN — The City of Halstad is now the proud owner of the former Norman County West High School. The city council last week worked out a deal with the school district that included the entire facility, grounds, bus garage, and $60,000 to cover asbestos removal and utilities. While the cash and bus garage brought added value to the deal, Halstad Mayor Darin Johnson notes that its still very important that they find a tenant for that building soon to make ends meet.

The City of Halstad may already have one tenant lined up. Mayor Johnson says they are working on a contract with the Sheetmetal Workers Union for use of the school shop.

In another transaction with the school, the City of Halstad also recently acquired a 30-acre parcel of land just south of the city. Long-term Johnson hopes to use that as a site of future sewer lagoons.

And after one of their fire trucks went down, the Halstad City Council approved the purchase of 2001 fire truck. Johnson says this past week a few of their fire department members drove all the way down to Green Bay, Wisconsin to pick it up.

Also with the city eyeing up a rural water connection, the Halstad City Council had a special meeting on Thursday night where they approved resolutions of support for State and Federal funding.

The Halstad City Council also approved the purchase of new wood chips for the city playground.