Local Schools Celebrate Earth Day

Local Schools Celebrate Earth Day

April 22, 2021 News -- KRJB-KRJM-KKCQ School News - KRJB/KRJM/KKCQ 0

Hendrum, MN — Today is Earth Day! Earth Day is celebrated each year on April 22nd to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Many people celebrate by conducting community clean ups, improving wildlife habitat, and providing education about climate change and the importance of a clean and healthy earth.

At the Norman County West School, Principal Deanne Flom says each grade level will celebrate in their way, but all students will get to take part in a tree planting.

The Norman County East High School will be conducting a community clean-up today as well to coincide with their annual Be Kind Day and Earth Day. The Twin Valley Community Boosters will provide the students with a lunch in the park for their efforts.

According to their website, Earth Day’s mission has been to diversify, educate, and activate the environmental movement worldwide since forming in 1970.