Crow Wing County Board Reviews Vaccine Info, Tables Budget Resolution in December 15 Meeting

Crow Wing County Board Reviews Vaccine Info, Tables Budget Resolution in December 15 Meeting

December 18, 2020 News -- KKIN-KFGI-KLKS-WWWI 0

The Crow Wing County Board held its first regular meeting for the month of December on Tuesday, December 15.

Among the main agenda items was a presentation from Crow Wing Public Health Supervisor Michelle Moritz, who discussed the current state of affairs with the virus as well as the latest news regarding vaccines and the plan for when they could arrive in Crow Wing County.

Moritz first brought up the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine that received FDA approval on Thursday, December 10. She highlighted some of the logistical issues related to the vaccine and how those would affect its short-term distribution.

Another vaccine that has received a lot of public attention has been the Moderna vaccine, which got approved by the FDA more recently on Thursday, December 17. This vaccine, Moritz noted, presents fewer logistical issues, but since it is still early in the process, the timeline for its rollout is less certain.

County Administrator Tim Houle commented on the vaccine news, heralding it as a “glimmer of hope,” but stressed that there is still plenty of time remaining until the vaccines can be made available to the general public, so the standard safety measures of mask wearing, social distancing, etc. must still be adhered to in the meantime.

The other big agenda item from the meeting was that of the 2021 budget and property tax levy. Nick Mielke, the county’s Finance Director, walked the board through the numbers, which conveyed a 4.97% increase in the levy, and why the levy had increased by as much as it did.

No members of the public offered any comments for the levy increase during the meeting. Commissioner Rosemary Franzen responded by saying that she felt more time was needed, and made a motion to table the resolution for the county’s next regular meeting on December 29. This motion passed unanimously.

The full meeting from December 15 can be found here.