The 2020 Bronco Football Cheerleaders join Never On A Sunday

The 2020 Bronco Football Cheerleaders join Never On A Sunday

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By Kris Norton, (11/30/2020)

After a section loss to cap off an abbreviated season, the boys’ football team was not the only high school group walking off Bronco Field for the last time.

The International Falls Bronco Football cheerleaders ended the Fall season on a Tuesday, then joined Dawn, J.J., Mike and Kris on Never On a Sunday the following Wednesday. With Coach Jessica Crosby, Olivia McBride and Dylan Kacik joined live at the KGHS/KSDM studios.

As with the other Fall sports, newly-instituted coronavirus protocols added bumps in the road, Crosby explained.

Olivia McBride and Dylan Kacik are both multi-sport cheerleaders. Though with Coach Crosby in the room, they stopped short of picking a favorite sport to cheer for.

McBride and Kacik performed one of their favorites among the 80 or more cheers memorized for the season.

The full Never On A Sunday conversation with Coach Jessica Crosby, Olivia McBride, and Dylan Kacik is available here:


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