Ada-Borup October Students of the Month

Ada-Borup October Students of the Month

October 14, 2020 School News - KRJB/KRJM/KKCQ 0
Photo left to right: 
Morgan Smart, Ariel Johnson, Cameron Spaeth, Anthony Borgen, Austin Tovar, 
Macie Thornton and Madalynn Crompton. 

The following students were nominated by the staff at Ada-Borup for SOTM based on three criteria: 

1)      Student displays behaviors such as respect for others, high levels of motivation, and encouragement to peers. 

2)      Student is an example of a positive role model/mentor to other students. 

3)      Student is in good standing and gives superior effort toward academic work.

**Students of the Month will receive a pass to go to the front of their lunch line for the month, recognition in the display case, his/her picture in the newspaper, and the proud feeling that they are good students! 

** Student descriptions are excerpts compiled from teachers’ statements about the positive attributes of our Students of the Month. 

Students of the Month 

6th- Macie Thornton- Macie had really stood out to start the year and has exceeded all the expectations we have of a new middle school student. She is very well organized, participates in class, stays engaged with work and is kind and helpful to her classmates. It will be fun to watch her continue to grow in the upcoming years!! Macie is polite to all students and treats them fairly.  I like her kindness and the energy she brings to class.

7th- Madalynn Crompton- Madalynn is very helpful and tries her best in class.  She loves to participate and does not make fun of others.  She is respectful and cares about her classmates.  She is very willing to help people out.  

8th- Morgan Smart- Morgan works very hard and wants to be successful at whatever she is doing.  I like her quiet personality and her willingness to work. She treats people fairly and minds her own business. 

9th- Cameron Spaeth- Cameron is proving himself to be a motivated, thoughtful, and mature student. He asks insightful questions and contributes great ideas to classroom discussions. Cameron has the potential to be an excellent leader and role model within the freshman class and it would be great to see him rise to that challenge this year and in the future.

10th- Austin Tovar- Austin has shown a high interest in learning to start the year. He seems goal-oriented and is making choices that will benefit him academically, such as asking about certain topics to ensure he fully understands them. He’s off to a great start and we hope to see him keep it up!

11th- Ariel Johnson- Ariel is willing to work very hard.  She is helpful to her classmates and teachers.  Her willingness to push herself makes her a good academic student. Ariel is kind and is always willing to help others out. 

12th- Anthony Borgen- Anthony is one of the politest students I have had the pleasure of working with. He is a hard worker and is kind to others. Buck is a man of high character and integrity. He is always willing to lend a helping hand.

Thanks for being great leaders for our school and keep up the good work!